to the web home of Canada's least-well-known basement band.

What kind of music is this?...

We like to think of it a bit like Country Lounge meets Country Funk... a little sleazy... but good fun too!

While some of our live covers were done for the pure fun of jammin... our originals are also available for anyone who wants to cover (with some financial consideration in case the cover actually makes money!).

We may have got a little carried away with the post production (my very skilled Los DustBunny cohort and good friend Bradley is a professional perfectionist... how he must suffer working with me)... but I am very satisfied with the quality and feel of this music.

Apologies to any video source of original footage... I will remove any reference upon request by the original owner or owner's rep. I have given credit where credit is due.

Give a listen and enjoy!

Our latest videos...

Down Home Girl ...